5 Interesting facts about Ramayana

The Story of the Death of Shri Rama

Shri Rama once deceived Hanuman when it was time for him to die. This was because Hanuman would not let Yama claim Shri Rama’s soul and thus it was impossible for Shri Rama to die. To distract Hanuman, Shri Rama threw his ring in a crack and asked Hanuman to get it. Hanuman got himself into the size of a beetle and jumped into the crack which led him to Naag Lok (where serpents reside). He asked the King Vasuki of Nag Lok for the ring, who guided him towards the pile of rings, all of which belonged to Shri Rama. Hanuman was aghast seeing all this, to which Vasuki informed him that he was tricked by Shri Rama.

The Story Of Ravan’s Soul

It is believed that before going for battle with Shri Rama, Ravana deposited his soul with a hermit called Fire-Eye. The hermit was supposed to guard Ravana’s soul and keep it safe till he came back for it. During the battle, Shri Rama was surprised to see that none of his arrows that struck Ravana could harm him. The secret about Ravana’s soul was known to one of Shri Rama’s allies, who transformed himself into Ravana and went to the hermit asking to return his soul. As soon the soul was set free, Shri Rama killed the demon King Ravana.

The Story Of Laxman’s Sleep

Laxman wanted to protect Shri Rama and Sita mata in the period of exile and for that, he wanted to be devoid of sleep. In order to defeat sleep Laxman approached Nidra, the Goddess of Sleep and asked her to take back his sleep for fourteen years. The Goddess agreed by saying that someone else would have to sleep on his behalf for fourteen years. Laxman went to his wife Urmila and asked her if she would take his sleep, to which she agreed. Urmila slept for 14 years and thus helped Laxman to help Shri Rama.

The Story Of Hanuman’s Death Sentence By Shri Rama

Once on being instigated by Narada, Hanuman unknowingly insulted Vishwamitra. This happened when Hanuman greeted all the sages in Shri Rama’s court but didn’t greet Vishwamitra because he wasn’t a saint by birth. Vishwamitra felt offended and ordered Shri Rama to issue a death sentence for Hanuman. The death sentence was executed but none of the arrows or even Brahmastra could harm Hanuman. This happened because Hanuman kept chanting Shri Rama’s name all the while.

The Story Of Kumbhakaran’s Sleep

Shri Brahma once asked all the three brothers Ravana, Vibhishana, and Kumbhakaran for a wish. Being well aware of Kumbhakaran’s wit and valour, Indra requested Goddess Saraswati to tie his tongue, because of which Kumbhakaran asked for the wish of eternal sleep. Ravana could not see his brother’s plight and thus pleaded to Shri Brahma to take back his brother’s wish. Shri Brahma could not undo the entire wish but he said that Kumbhakaran would sleep for half a year and will stay awake for the other half. During the battle with Shri Rama, Kumbhakaran was asleep and many attempts were made to wake him up.