Bhakti World FM Radio

Bhakti World FM (Free Music) Radio App plays linear streaming non-stop (24×7) Devotional Music dedicated to different God , Goddess and Gurus for Domestic and Global listenership. 

Bhakti World being formed with the vision to disseminate “Bhakti Consciousness” by assimilating and storing the scriptures, musical composition, ancient library text etc in Digital age for the larger interest of the listeners. 

As on date, Bhakti World FM Radio App and Website having 9 BW Radio Stations and Programs consisting of Aarti, Mantras, Bhajan, kirtan, namavali, dhuni, amritwani, chalisas, dhyan etc with Listener base of 6.9 Millions MAU (Monthly Average Users). 

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Our Radio Associates


Bhakti World through its Support affiliates offer the seekers and listeners an unparalleled portfolio of media assets on Bhakti consciousness philosophies for domestic and overseas communications consisting of online Radio stations , Videos , devotional magazine , events and digital social platforms.

Support Affiliates are those distinct service providers who have affiliated/patronised with Trust(s) for developing media portfolios of audio (Bhakti World Radio Broadcasting Pvt.Ltd), video and publishing contents to broadcast and / or webcast.

Each holding of media assets and development of programming contents by support affiliates as per the guideline given by foundation enlightens and enables the seekers and listeners to understand the philosophies of Sanatham Dharma , Bhakti consciousness which in turn help the audiences to evolve in their own spiritual journey – the core essence.

We reach millions of people with respect to families of more than 6.9 million average monthly visitors in Bhakti World App and Website, spanned across in 3000+ Cities and Towns in India with world wide coverage in not less than 165 countries.

Your queries on Bhakti World for “supported by” sponsorships will be sent to the assigned Support Sponsorship Affiliates who will be in communication to elucidate in detail.