Listen and connect with Divine Universal energies through devotional music and behold the blessings of God and Goddesses.


Watch and engage with Sanatham Dharma philosophies and Bhakti Consciousness devotional music videos . Wide selection offered.


Read and understand the perfect you. Enrich the energies and create the blissful vibrations to live this beautiful life.


Universe of holistic , spiritual and alternative sciences. A shade for personalised sessions and learnings.

Bhakti Consciousness

Bhakti World is a place where you connect with your own Divinity with Bhakti Consciousness. Helps you in understanding the philosophies of Sanatam Dharama on Bhakti way of life and comforts you as a seeker and learner to evolve in your own  spiritual journey. 

Bhakti world counsels you in connecting with your divinity inside you by mantras , aarti , japa , Vandana , kirtan and other philosophical contents on Doctrine of Karma from ancient texts and scriptures.

“Become  a  Guru (Master) of Your own self. You are your own Master – the Core essence”.

Other fundamental beliefs
• To Identify pivotal quintessence to find your own truth and the presence of divine intelligence. 

• become spiritually independent by connecting to the Divinity inside you

• understand your cardinal purpose of life

• anchor your soul with your own divinity.

• balance your mind and body and soul to attain your desired reality.

• walk the journey of life with peace , content , happiness and  abundance.