15 Legitimate Signs That Will Help You Recognize If Your Are Dealing With Depression

1. They’re more quiet than usual

2. The use the excuse “I’m tired” a lot 

3. They tend to loose their appetite 

4. They avoid eye contact 

5. They want to be alone a lot 

6. They smile for a moment but go back to a blank expression afterwards

7. They struggle to stay engaged in conversation 

8. They’ve become emotionally distanced 

9. They’ve become apathetic about things they’d normally be engaged in

10. They have big mood swings 

11. They avoid making future plans

12. They have difficulty concentrating 

13. They start talking about bleakly things 

14. They start giving “short” responses 

15. They get irritable with “little things”

(via @ thedepressionproject on ig)