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Color Kundali

Each individual is born with different colour frequencies the analysis and calculations from the Birth date decide the positive and negative frequencies which is called работа colour kundali or karmic graph of color. 

The goal of color kundali is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in an individual & environment by choosing the right colors.

Color Kundali is the contemporary version of the ancient DIVYA  SURYA KIRAN CHIKITSA , also known as chroma therapy or color therapy. It is a powerful ancient healing technique in which we use natural vibrations of colours to act on the subtle body and it’s energy centres Chakras. 

Color therapy has it’s base on the seven colours of the spectrum i.e. The colors of the rainbow. 

Color Therapist

Color therapy is a very specialised science which relies on in-depth knowledge, experience & high intuitive presence. 

Your Color charts are personally attended to by Dr. Neelam who is a renowned authority on this subject with over 30 years of experience. 

Her Color Chart are followed all over the world by students, housewives, celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, management gurus and even corporate organizations.

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Power of Colors

Color like love has no boundaries. Colors evokes memories, feelings, impression. we breathe, smell, eat and live colour and carry it where over we go and in whatever we do. We absorb the energy of color through our eyes, skin, food ,we feel it’s influence with all our senses .Every cell of our body responds to colors. It exist in our world externally and internally it has a remarkable influence in our mind the conscious and the sub- conscious.

There is nothing like good or bad color. They all have there own significance and a very unique role to play in the scheme of things. The only thing that is required is to balance there potent. Color Therapy has  a vast role to play in the arena of stress control, personality development and confidence enhancement  a factor so critical in all our aspirations be if financial  emotional ,social or spiritual.

Color Kundli (Therapy) is Beneficial For

  1. Individual.
  2. Home & Interior Decors.
  3. Wedding decor and couple clothings for all functions.
  4. For Joyful Pregnancy & Child Birth.
  5. Kids (education, focus, concentration, health )
  6. Exclusive exam charts.
  7. Family car purchase.
  8. Pet Color Charts (for emotional and health healings )
  1. Office Premises.
  2. Company stationaries (logo, letter heads, VC etc)
  3. Posters ( films, tv, music album , advertising banner )
  4. Hospitals.
  5.  Serious health issues for Patients.
  6. Industrial Product colour designing & packaging.
  7. Construction & buildings. 

Why Would You Choose Color Kundali ?

Color at work

Today people are more aware of the impact of colour that has on people and so on the productivity and growth of the employees. Promoting the effective use in the office is important both for the comfort of the employs and the productivity of the business.

 Companies stationary, logo ,website also has colors and the right blend of colour makes the company give out the right statement enhancing productivity, loyalties,  creativity, team work, balance power, prosperity.

Color at home

Color is a feeling, a sensation that enriches the whole world. They have the power to enhance our homes if we harness their inherent strengths. Blending colours successfully creates a harmonious atmosphere.
We buy a house and the people staying together make it a family. Each one is a unique individual carrying different attitude and belief system. Selection of the colors needs to be a scientific activity that takes the  positive and negative color of each family member into consideration to arrive at the ideal color scheme of the house.

Bhakti World Color Kundalis Helps you make a house your home

Color at Weddings

It doesn’t seem to matter what culture , faith or background we come from , we all yearn to experience love , commitment and harmony in our relationship with our life partner . 

Wedding color kundli helps in deciding the Love colors that are better suited to the personality of the couple be it clothes or the decor .  It helps you to explore and enhance your togetherness with understanding and happiness .

Color for Pregnancy and child Birth

You are happy that your pregnant but worries and fears about yourself and baby health , labour pain , how life will change , out of control hormones create stress and tension. Pregnancy and child birth kundali helps you with your personalised color chart of colors that support this shift with gratefulness and balanced emotions creating a biochemistry that fills you with loving emotions and thoughts , creating a environment of love for your baby .

Color kundali for parenting teens

Your children are growing & you come to the most sensitive phase of your patenting when they enter their teens. This is the time when their attitudes are formed that will last with them for their lifetime & pave the way for the unfolding of their destiny. 

Being surrounded with the right colours that balance their chakras help your growing children to be grounded & responsible. It also helps in increasing their concentration and focus on the positive aspects of their life

Color kundali for Exams

Stress & anxiety are the realities of the current fast paced & competitive world. More so for our children who have to carry the burden during their exams. 

But it need not be the case. The Indian ancient sciences have understood the subtle workings of our mind and created tools to help us overcome negative emotions

Color kundali for exams helps you with your personalised colour chart that supports both the children & parents to cope with exams 

Color Kundali Shade Card

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