Fly Like A Eagle

The only bird that will peck at a Eagle is the Crow . He sits on his back and bites his neck . The eagle does not respond or fight with the crow .

It simply opens its wings and begins to rise high in the sky. The higher the flight , the harder it’s for the crow to breathe.
Eventually, the crow falls down due to lack of oxygen.


Why Shani Dev is offered oil bath.

There are many stories and parables in Hinduism. This stories and parables are given by the god to teach human kind the wisdoms in life.

Here is one such Fascinating story why Shani Dev is offered oil bath.

Shri Hanuman busy supervising the work

It was the time of Ramayan. The Vanars were busily engaged with building the extension on the sea (Setu Bandhan) to reach Lanka. Shri Hanuman was supervising the task and was giving instructions to his army on how to go about the mission. Shani Dev came there and tried to engage in a talk with Shri Hanuman and said, “I am the powerful dev, I have heard you are also very powerful, so I want to test your ‘might’ with mine. So, fight with me.”

Shani Dev Challenged Shri Hanuman for combat

Shri Hanuman politely asked Shani Dev to not disturb him for some time till they finished constructing the bridge since he was fully concentrating on the task and any conversation in between them will only distract his attention.Shani dev would not listen to Shri Hanuman’s words. He challenged Hanuman’s power and asked him if he could come for a combat. Shri Hanuman was never interested in any combatas he was very focused in constructing the bridge but Shani Dev kept annoying Shri Hanuman.

Shri Hanuman tried his best to ignore Shani Dev

Shri Hanuman tried his best to tell Shani Dev to vacate the place since he was in Shri Rama’s service. When it came to serving Shri Rama, Shri Hanuman always wanted to put the very best in him with the fullest concentration. Any disturbance in this connection was unbearable for him. However, Shani Dev would persist they enter into a combat and prove who was more powerful than the other.

Shri Hanuman tied Shani Dev with his tail

Unable to bear the disturbance created by Shani dev, Shri Hanuman tied him up with his tail. Shri Hanuman’s tail grew so long to coil around Shani Dev’s body very tightly. Shani Dev could never escape from the clutches of the strong tail of Shri Hanuman. With the grip getting tighter and tighter, Shani Dev’s body started bleeding and he was becoming breathless and started crying out to release him.

Shani Dev promised to never trouble any Shri Ram or Shri Hanuman devotee

In order to release Shani Dev, Shri Hanuman demanded that Shani would never trouble Shri Rama’s mission. Agreeing to this demand, Shani Dev said henceforth, Shani Dev will never affect a devotee of Shri Ram or Shri Hanuman. Therefore, he was released finally.

Shri Hanuman applied oil on Shani Dev’s wound

Shani Dev’s body was bleeding in many places and swelled up with a severe pain. Shani Dev requested Shri Hanuman for some oil to cure his wounds and inflammation. Sesame oil and mustard oil are believed to be anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Shri Hanuman was the first one to bathe Shani Dev with oil which was so soothing and refreshing for him. The ritual started by Shri Hanuman continues to this day and Shani Dev blesses the devotees who gift him oil.

On Saturdaysgive oil bath to Shani Dev when you visit the Shani Dev temple. It is believed that with the blessings of Shani dev, the afflictions caused by the position of Shani in one’s horoscope will be removed. You can use sesame oil or mustard oil to light the lamp and give oil bath to Shani Dev.