Impacts of Planets Grah on Human life

The Sage-Munis had done a meaningful study of the impact of all the planets of the universe on our life, from the beginning of civilization years ago, and after this it was decided that the nine planets and their movement has an impact on the life of the people on earth. Not only the influence of the planets and constellations but also the nature and environment surrounding us, there is an upheaval in our lives. In Astrology, nine planets have been reported. Our life depends on the conditions of these planets in the horoscope. Horoscope consists of 12 parts. There are nine different planets in these 12 parts. All planets have auspicious results. 

After understanding all these things deeply, the construction of houses was started according to Vastu. Yoga and Ayurveda for health were started. Considering the movements of the constellations, the weather has come to be known, and we gradually understood, other ways of avoiding the side effects of planets. Astrology, which they explain, is based on truth and base on scriptures.

These are the names of those planets that influence our lives:

Sun/ Surya, Moon/Chandrama, Uranaus/Guru, Mercury/Budh, Venus/Shukra, Mars/ Mangal, Saturn/ Shani, Rahu and Ketu.

The various effects of the planets.

Sun/Surya: When Sun is auspicious we get fame in the society. If the sun is not in the proper house we may have to face difficulties. We are respected in the society because of the impact of the Planet Sun.

Moon/Chandrama: The relationship of the moon has been with our heart. If the moon is in good condition then the person is calm, but due to the inauspicious moon, the person has to face the unrest.

Mars/ Mangal: Mars controls our patience and power. If auspicious Mars, then the person is a skilled manager. When Mars becomes inauspicious, the person becomes weak and coward.

Mercury/Budh: Mercury planet affects our intelligence. When auspicious arises, sharp and pure intellect, but due to inauspicious Budh, mental problems have to be confronted.

Uranaus/Guru: The Guru planet controls our religious feelings. This planet is also the cause of fate. On its auspiciousness, the person gets fortune. Due to the inauspicious guru, success in any work is not easily achieved.

Venus/Shukra: People affected by auspicious Venus are art lovers, and the person receives beautiful and all kinds of pleasures.

Saturn/ Shani: The person whose horoscope is Saturn is auspicious, the person is the one who receives all pleasures, is sensual, or powerful. If Saturn is inauspicious, success in any work is not easily achieved.

Rahu: The person whose kundli Rahu is auspicious, is a harsh person or strong intellectual. If it is inauspicious, it has to face major problems.

Ketu: If Ketu is auspicious, the person is harsh but helpful for the poor.