Bhakti World Foundation & Trust


Bhakti World, an Educational Foundation and Charitable society envisioned to disseminate FREE of cost without Subscription :

philosophies of Sanatham Dharma, Bhakti Consciousness, fundamentally on teachings of ancient scriptures of Vedas & Puranas with mantras, aarthi, namavali, amritvani , meditation etc AND

to explore “Science of Divine presence and manifestation within the Natural World” from learned Acharyas, Pandits, Gurus, Yogis, Manths , Holistic coaches, Educators, Scientists , Scholars, and Story tellers by developing portfolio of media assets for Digital Radio, Video, e-magazine, books, events etc.

Bhakti World commenced its journey in the year 2015 and we are grateful to all our domestic and overseas listeners, to our passionate team, torch bearer support affiliates and philanthropist patrons who have contributed to our mission
to pread Sanatham philosophies through path of Bhakti.

Bhakti world is a place where you connect with your own Divinity with Bhakti Consciousness.Helps you in understanding the philosophies of Sanatam Dharama on Bhakti way of life in connecting with your divinity inside you and comforts you as a seeker and learner to evolve in your own spiritual science on Doctrine of Karma.

Foremost guidance tools on teachings of Bhakti Consciousness

* Become  a  Guru (Master) of Your own self. You are your own Master ~ the core essence.

Other fundamental beliefs:
– To Identify pivotal quintessence to find your own truth and the presence of divine intelligence.
– become spiritually independent by connecting to the Divinity inside you
– understand your cardinal purpose of life
– anchor your soul with your own divinity.
– balance your mind and body and soul to attain your desired reality.
– walk the journey of life with peace , content , happiness and  abundance.

“Bhakti World Temple” is a Digital Shrine for solace with respect to families of more than 6.9 million average monthly visitors in Bhakti World App and Website, spanned across in 3000+ Cities and Towns in India with world wide coverage in not less than 165 countries.

3. Educational Initiatives by Bhakti World – On ground and Digital.

Holistic Learnings & Spiritual science Centres (Bhakti Consciousness)

* Yoga, * Meditations, * Awareness on Naturopathy, * Spiritual parenting,
* Teachings of ancient spiritual texts (Bhagwad Gita, Puranas, Vedas etc),
* Moral science – (specifically designed for children) * Art therapy workshop for school children, Spiritual Quotient Series and * to commence educational programs on Sanskrit learning.

4. Social responsibility projects by Bhakti World
Upkeep and maintenance of existing Temples in villages, towns and cities.

“Bhakti World Temple” on teachings of Sanatam Dharma , Bhakti Consciousness philosophy
* Bhakti World Garden – Tree plantations and it’s Seva with Devotion (Bhakti)
Colour India – Clean India (beautification of public institutions) and
Care of the Care Taker (started from 2016 Selfie with Police project for awareness in having healthy relation between Police and Public).

Vision & cherished goal : Exploration of scriptures / texts of Sanatham Dharam , Bhakti consciousness teachings on Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga and Gyana yoga alongside seamless accessibility of contents with participation of support affiliates for domestic and global audience to nurture sense of pride on the rich cultural heritage and spiritual ethos of Bharatha, which is the valuable inheritance to the mankind.

Mission : Awareness and scientific indoctrination of Sanatham Dharam , Bhakti Consciousness philosophies for seekers globally to manifest the path of divinity with plenary devotion and subservience.