Dr. Neelam ( Kaajal Rohira )

Life – It is a beautiful journey wherein the destination is veiled in the enigmatic depths of time and  space. We think we start our voyage from our birth and surrender our life in the hands of death. Trust me; life is much more than that.

” Never was there a time when  I did not exist, nor you, nor  all these king; nor in the future shall  any of us cease to be. That which pervades  the entire body you should know to be Indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperlshable”

-Bhagavad Gita

It is only today that  I see a clear symmetry  in the passage of my soul through my earlier lives to the  present day. It is now that I understand the divine logic  behind my birth in a house where religious rites and rituals were a part of our every day life. We were bought up in the midst of people who, though not obvious of the advance nature of  their soul, were spiritually inclined in spirit. It is in this environment that the seeds of my earlier life were nurtured.

It is said that there cannot be creation  without destruction preceding it. I tend to look at it with a different view. I think that all our troubles are Natures way of  bringing out the strength of our spirit, the brilliance of our soul. just like the gold that has to endure the fire to know its own splendor and the diamond that cannot sparkle till  it does not lay itself on the knife.

My life too looked at its nadir around  the late 1980’s. It was a phase, which was governed by materialistic pursuits, a chapter of my life when I endured physical, financial, personal and emotional agony. The  one question that I asked myself, and asked God {whom I had conveniently placed on the back.seat during my earlier glorious days] was ‘Why me’† It was this question that eventually took  me deeper within myself and my soul searching threw open the celestial gates of knowledge, knowledge that gave

me a sense of deja‘vu,  as if I had    always had it within me and was now rediscovering it. My tryst with  Reiki, color therapy (color kundali) and crystal healing bought me closer  to the secrets of karmic justice and spiritual healing.

Grace, the hand of my Masters, alive and alive in spirit, made me embark on my quest for further knowledge. It was  journey within, to the infinite world of colours. I came to realize that colours are like shy living creatures. They need to be handled gently with respect, and when channeled they have miraculous  powers of healing, the mind, body and soul. My interest in Tarot and Graphology-The Science of Handwriting Analysis gave further insights to my endeavours of Colour therapy and I experienced the power of karmic and Sanatan Dharma. At the start, my own inherent powers to  experience the pain of others, and understand the root of their problems, which lay beyond their present lives, invoked a sense of fear within me. But with the passage of time and a Doctor’s degree in Naturopathy moved a little forward thanks to the benevolence of mentors my energies moved  towards creative visualization and learning the impact of positive affirmations.

It was my desire to give back to the world the map towards the blissful world of peace. A map that would ensure that any person, scorched in  the karmic sun should easily find the oasis of healing to sooth his mind, body and soul. This is the spirit behind BHAKTI WORLD.

BHAKTI WORLD is the child of positive affirmations. It may have been born in 2015, but was conceived in the karmas of my numerous  previous lives. It is a hermitage where lost and tired souls can come for their place in the shade. It is a fountain where healthy souls can come to quench their thirst in their journey to become more advanced souls. It is a Universe’s gift to me and my team for taking its voice to the masses, the evidence of the generous blessings and  kindness of many teachers and many Gurus. BHAKTI WORLD is a Lotus that has blossomed with wishes of many, worthy of the divine love of the Universe.Today our world with Bhakti World has gone beyond boundaries. It has housewives, students, celebrities, politicians, management gurus and even corporate organizations. Because it is now been proved that positive people are successful people.

“No one has lived our life before. We must ourselves learn to live with integrity and wisdom, to live for what is true and live at peace with our destiny.”