Purushottam month

From 18th September- 16 October

Glories of Purushottam month
Purushottam, the holy month occurs ones every three years . This month is dedicated to Shri Krishna ( Vishnu ) . This period is believed to be the most favourable for spiritual uplift meant .
It is also called Mala Masa ( dirty mouth ) by the performers of Karma – Kanda because they feel they can’t get any material gains for their worship during this month .
Our acaryas elucidate that it is called Mala masa because devotional activities performed in this month destroy the dirt and contamination caused by sins and ones the devotee is pure it has the energy to reach all manifestations.

This month is the most auspicious month for Krishna ( Vishnu ) devotee as they chant his name to attain liberation .

Devotees offer a Diya ( lamp ) to Shri Krishna( Vishnu ) to showcase their love and dedication. The devotees surrender themselves with faith knowing that divine will shower his love and always protect and guide them .

Let’s take Shri Krishna’s ( Vishnu) blessings
Hari …, Hari