The reason for Shani Dev being black.

Shani Dev is the ruler of the planets. He has been described as a god who keeps a close eye on sins committed by people and good deeds and accordingly, people get results in life.  Shani Dev is the son of Chhaya Devi and Surya Dev. Shani Dev’s story is very interesting and tells his incomparable powers and qualities.

Surya Dev married Sandhya and had three children born namely Manu and Yama (God of death) and Yami. Though Sandhya was very faithful for Surya Dev, but she could not bear the Surya Dev’s bright talent and heat. Therefore, he did penance to gain the power needed to face the talent of the Surya Dev. He also wanted to advance his talent as a result of his penance.

Sandhya made a woman like her and kept her name Chhaya and said that she should fulfill her role as wife of Surya Dev and also care for three children. However, she did not wanted anyone to know about her, therefore she went into forests to perform penance. Since Chhaya was very simple and similar to Sandhya, Surya Dev could not doubt it. Through Chhaya, Surya Dev God had three more children, who were Savarni Manu, Shani Dev and Tapi. Therefore, Shani Dev is said to be the son of Surya Dev and Yama’s brother.

When Shani Dev was in the womb of Chhaya, she did a tapasya under the shiny Surya Dev to please Shiva. Since she was completely immersed in the prayer and worship of Shiva, divine power nurtured the child within the womb. Therefore, Shani Dev was very devoted to Shiva. Also, when the Chhaya had austerity for so long under the blazing Surya Dev, Shani Dev became darker inside the womb. As soon as Shani Dev was born, Surya Dev God despised seeing his color and doubted whether Shani Dev was his own son. When angry Shani Dev showed his anger to his father, due to the power of Shani Dev, Surya too was burnt and turned black.

Later, Surya Dev repented for his mistake and worshiped Shiva, who told him why Shani Dev was so black. After knowing the truth behind this, Surya Dev was pleased with his son Shani Dev and they began to understand each other better. Shani Dev became an inspiring disciple of Shiva and he learned the knowledge from him. Shiva was very pleased with Shani Dev’s devotion and sincerity. So he gave them the place of the important planet on the life he was born on earth. They were given the responsibility to distribute the effects of the actions performed by the people.

Shani Dev is a very generous God, though many people see him cruel. He is so fair like his brother Yama (God of death) that is why he provides the right kinds of results according to the actions done by the people.

By praying of Shani Dev with good deeds, one will receive his blessings. So you also avoid evil deeds. Based on the good deeds of you, the blessings of Shani Dev will remain on you. And it is believed that no sorrow and disease can touch to a person who is blessed by Shani Dev,